Bush Hog Tractor Attachments

Bush Hog Tractor Attachment

Bush Hog Tractor Attachments

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It’s important to invest in useful tractor attachments that you can trust. Bush Hog, Inc. has more than 65 years of proven performance in manufacturing high-quality agricultural equipment products that customers find reliable and efficient. You’ll find various product options like rotary cutters, landscape tools, tractor-mounted implements, and so on. It’s easy to see why so many customers seek out Bush Hog for all their agricultural equipment needs. Whether you’re a professional who works in the agricultural industry or a dedicated homeowner who cares for a large property, you'll find many wonderful uses with Bush Hog tractor attachments.

At Farm Equipment Sales Inc., we strive to offer our customers the very best products on the market. You’ll find all that you’re looking for at our dealership, which includes a wide variety of Bush Hog tractor attachments. Stop by our convenient location in Farmington, MO today to check it out for yourself!

Featured Bush Hog Models:

Boom Mowers

This rugged, tractor-mounted boom is designed to trim trees, brush, or hedges. Plus, you can mow behind guardrails, over fences, down embankments and even across ponds with this durable, versatile tool.


Disc Hay Mowers

With special heavy-duty oval discs, you’ll achieve superior flow of material over the cutting bar, helping you to get better distribution of your hay crop. You’ll love the productivity and results these durable disc mowers bring!


Finishing Mowers

Follow ground contours perfectly and enjoy extra protection from obstacles with floating A-frames. Plus, offset wheels prevent tracking and soil compaction while the three overlapping blades product a smooth yard-like finish.


Flail Crop Shredders

Experience superior shredding performance in a variety of crop conditions. Everything from cotton and corn stalks to wheat and vegetable stubble are no match for these machines thanks to the re-cutter bar design.


Flex Wing Rotary Cutters

Wings take on uneven terrain in independent formation for a uniform cutting appearance. Whether you’re mowing a pasture or an orchard, you’ll find a model that matches the unique cutting power you need.


Hay Mowers

Equipped with crop dividers to keep your ventures separate, these units feature gear-driven cutter bars for superior, even cutting performance. Plus with oiled and sealed bearings, maintenance is a breeze.


Multi Spindle Rigid Deck Rotary Cutters

With models designed for grass and weeds as well as heavier models designed for brush and pastures, these machines are built for durability and years of amazing performance with minimal maintenance.


Single Spindle Rotary Cutters

Designed to eliminate trash build-up and water traps, these American-made cutters are what made Bush Hog a household name. Full swivel tail wheels provide height adjustment while blade pans furnish protection from field hazards.


Tri Deck Finishing Mowers

Perfect for providing a well-groomed cut wherever you need it, these tri-deck models are compatible with tractors with as little as 40 HP. This makes them well suited for golf courses, sporting complexes and municipalities.


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